Set the Environment

A seed planted in the desert doesn’t have the same outcome than one planted in a lush forest.  To obtain the best results from our time together:

1) Space:

Create your sanctuary for your daily practice and to join the livestreams.  These can be the same or different ones.  You can make any space your sanctuary by bringing into it things that help you connect with your true essence, whether these are Crystals, essential oils, flowers, your favorite mug and pillow?  Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision how you want your sanctuary to be.  Then make it happen.

2) Reflection:

Have a dedicated journal and pen that you love to record your experiences during this course.

3) Sisterhood:

Our Sisterhood might be one of the most life-changing things we gain from this process together.  Through this time together, we become sisters to support each other in matters we rarely find support for.

To start this relationship strongly, please introduce yourself in our Facebook group:

With a video where you share:

1) Your name
2) Your intention in taking this course
3) Something you love about yourself

Part of a powerful sisterhood is vulnerability and trust.  We will embrace you!

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