Reflection Questions ~ Your Personal Narrative of Being a Woman

The following are 5 fundamental questions that will help you conceptualize your personal narrative of being a woman. I recommend taking at least a day and up to a week between answering questions however, if time is a constraint, feel free to answer them all at once.

Once submitted, your written reflection cannot be changed.  The reason for this is that changes are expected and we are simply taking a snapshot of your thoughts and feelings at this moment for you to reference later.

You can stop and resume the questions at any time.  Be aware that unless you have submitted your answer by clicking the “finish” button, your work will not be saved so I recommend writing your answer somewhere else, like an email or word processor, then copy/paste into the answer box when ready.

Remember that there are no wrong answers and treat this as the first catalyzing step of a wonderful journey!
**note that the reflection questions are labeled as “quizzes” this is just feature of our course software.

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